Amateur Races: Oct to Dec now listed!

A complete list of amateur races for 2018 can be downloaded and viewed here.

Races July to September 2018:  Please note:   (1)  Additional gentlemen’s race at Carlisle on 22nd August; (2) Additional gentlemen’s race at Catterick on 11th September; (3) Additional mixed race at Newmarket on 22nd September; (4)  Additional novice riders race at Carlisle on 30th August; (5) Revised Betfair novice riders series with Carlisle now on 9th September and (6) Windsor Betfair novice riders now finale on 8th October. 

Races October to December 2018:  Please note: Change to NOTTINGHAM: 31st October now Gents only final race of season; 7th November now Ladies only final race of season.

(Flat lists colour coded:  Ladies Pro/Am, Ladies, Gents, Mixed Turf, Novice, Mixed All- Weather)

Please check all races & race conditions once published by Weatherbys in the Racing Calendar.  Occasionally conditions may change after publication by Weatherbys when special notices will be issued on their Admin website.

PDF: List of Amateur Riders Races January 1st – March 31st 2016

PDF: List of Amateur Riders Races – April – June 2016 2

PDF: List of Amateur Riders Races – July – September 2016

PDF: List of Amateur Riders Races – October – December 2016 2

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