Amateur race riding has long been the source of many of the UK’s top flight professional jockeys both National Hunt and Flat as well as most of the UK’s top Trainers.  In addition a large number of retired amateur jockeys fulfil many other roles successfully within the racing industry.

The AJA aims to:

  1. improve the standard and safety of all amateur riders
  2. encourage amateur races under both codes through close liaison with the racing industry to secure its future
  3. offer help, advice and support to all amateur jockeys throughout their amateur careers
  4. source sponsors and sponsor amateur races
  5. provide recommendations to regulatory and administrative racing bodies for the betterment of amateur racing
  6. select and finance amateurs to ride abroad whenever possible
  7. play a part through close liaison with the British Horseracing Authority in the formation of the policy of the British Racing Industry

Do I have to be a member of the AJA to ride in Amateur races?

Yes, for the majority of races confined to Amateur Riders you are required to be a member of the AJA.

However, you do not have to be a member of the AJA to ride in Hunterchases, Military races or to ride against Professionals (which requires a Category B licence).

How do I join the AJA?

You can join immediately simply by calling the AJA Membership Desk at Weatherbys on 01933 304778 and paying £100 for a full 12 months membership by debit or credit card.  You will also need to complete a membership form .  It is vital that members’ contact records are kept up-to-date so please call the membership desk if your contact details change.

How can I pay the membership fee?

You can pay by debit or credit card and e-Mail or post the AJA membership form (download from this website) to Weatherbys or have your Weatherbys account debited.  Please note that it is no longer possible to pay by cheque.

Current membership fee is £100 for a full 12 months from date of joining. Membership of the AJA gives automatic worldwide insurance against temporary injury whilst riding out or handling a racehorse or point-to-pointer.  Membership is currently available to anyone up to the age of 70. Full details of benefits can be found here:

Policy Wording 2

Please note that this cover does not include any capital benefits (such as death or permanent injury) but simply offers financial assistance whilst temporarily incapacitated.

If you work in a Licensed Trainer’s yard and are listed on their payroll, you will be eligible for RIABS.  We ask that you make use of this rather than claim on the AJA policy purely to keep our overheads as low as possible and allow us to keep our membership fee to the absolute minimum. 

You are welcome to join the AJA even if race riding is not your plan but you simply would like to purchase insurance. You will find that our cost is approximately a quarter of the usual cost of an individual policy.

Please note that this automatic insurance (which begins immediately upon receipt of your phone call and payment to Weatherbys) does not cover you for riding in a charity race or a pony race.  It is simply for riding out anywhere worldwide and for handling racehorses.

There is an upper age limit of 70 years of age for AJA membership but no minimum joining age.  Membership automatically ceases upon the member’s 70th birthday.

Do I require a new application form completed each year?

Yes please. This is in your own interests as it is vital that your contact details are kept up to date. Also information on the numbers of winners you have ridden could be helpful as the AJA often receive requests from trainers for amateurs who have ridden a specific number of winners. By keeping our records up to date, we can help to find opportunities for amateur riders that might otherwise go to professional jockeys.

What benefits are there to membership apart from being able to ride in Amateur races?

  1. The AJA is a recognised body that represents amateur riders and amateur racing in Great Britain. It acts on behalf of its members by providing recommendations and requests to the various regulatory and administrative bodies in racing.
  2. As described above, AJA membership gives you automatic worldwide insurance against temporary injury whilst riding out or handling a racehorse or point-to-pointer, with incapacity benefit.  (Please note: benefits may vary from one year to the next, being subject to annual revision from 1st July.)  Please contact the AJA if you need to claim for temporary injury disablement.
  3. Inclusion in The Riders Directory on the AJA website (which is still under construction) will be available to all members. This is a useful place to advertise your skills for potential rides and you will be able to include your photograph.
  4. Various discounts are available to AJA members on products and services.  (See below)
  5. The AJA Newsletter is now defunct as this website is regularly updated, giving news, views and BHA notices, as well as a list of amateur races planned for the near future.
  6. Under the amateur rider’s riding permit, newly improved insurance cover is included from weigh out to weigh in on the racecourse in respect of death and bodily injury as well as rider-to-rider cover.
  7. The cost of your insurance for riding under Rules is partly paid for by your licence.  Cover is worldwide for any country with a recognised Racing Authority but if riding abroad please call BHA Licensing 0207 152 0140 before you leave as you will need clearance from BHA Licensing before being allowed to ride under the jurisdiction of another Racing Authority.  Currently you can only ride abroad for up to 30 days from leaving the UK.  Therefore if you plan to work abroad for longer, you will need to apply for an amateur licence from the Racing Authority of your host country.  Some countries ask for a letter of confirmation from the BHA that you hold a current licence.
  8. Thanks to the HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak World Arabian Series which has been enjoyed in the past, lady riders who can ride at 9 stone and have had at least 20 rides, preferably having ridden 5 winners, have been welcome to apply to ride in this series. We hope it will return in the future.
  9. There are occasional invitation races abroad for amateurs to which you may be invited, both flat and over jumps.  The AJA rejoined FEGENTRI in 2019 having relinquished membership at the end of 2014. We are proud to maintain excellent international relationships with racing friends worldwide and to share the unique experience of riding abroad with as many of our members as possible.
  10. The AJA offers help and advice at all times on all matters concerning amateur race riding, such as sponsorship and Rules of racing.
  11. Please remember that you are ambassadors for the sport of amateur racing!  Please refer any controversial issues to the AJA as soon as possible.

Can I join the AJA on the day I am due to ride and do I need to show my membership card when I ride ?

No, your details are stored on Weatherbys database and when you are booked to ride your membership status is automatically checked. However, you are required to be a member of the AJA by 1pm on the day of overnight declaration of the horse. You can join immediately by phoning 01933 304778.

If I join the AJA at the end of the year do I have to pay again in January?

No. A rolling system has been introduced whereby you purchase a full 12 months membership on joining. You will be sent a reminder letter by Weatherbys a month before your membership is due to expire in order that you do not forget to renew it.

What about insurance?

It is standard for the first 28 days of any insurance policy to exclude benefit, but from thereafter:

  1. AJA membership gives you automatic insurance for riding out and handling racehorses and point-to-pointers anywhere in the world.
    1. (Benefit: £150 per week for up to 1 year for temporary incapacity only.)
  2. The BHA Amateur Jockey’s Permit automatically insures from weigh out to weigh in for riding under the Rules of Racing on any authorised racecourse.
    1. (Benefit: £250 per month up to 2 years for temporary benefit + £50 per night hospitalised + benefits for permanent injury and/or death with maximum payment of £300K.)
  3. The PPA Rider’s Qualification Certificate automatically insures from weigh out to weigh in on any Point-To-Point course.
    1. (Benefit: £210 per month up to 2 years for temporary benefit + benefits for permanent injury and/or death with maximum payment of £40K or for those aged 16 & 17 this is only £10K). We strongly recommend all those who point-to-point to take out additional insurance!
  4. Please note: The same does NOT currently apply to an Arab licence for amateur jockeys riding in Arab races.  Jockeys are asked to sign a disclaimer as there is no insurance cover provided! Again, we strongly recommend that all jockeys take out their own insurance for Arabian racing!

How can I express my views on the AJA and amateur racing ?

You can contact the AJA via their website or by e-mail or telephone or post on the contacts given.  Please also join the AJA Facebook Group and/or X (formerly known as Twitter).

Are there any social events arranged by the AJA?

The AJA arranged a Northern Annual Dinner Dance and a Champions Cheltenham Christmas Craic annually in the past at which champions and runners-up received their cups and trophies.  In recent years this has not been well supported and there are therefore no current plans for social events.

Advice for amateur riders at the races

  • You are an ambassador for the sport of amateur racing.
  • Always walk the course before you ride and familiarise yourself with the route to the start as well as to the finishing post.
  • Once you have weighed out, never leave your saddle unattended.  (This is now a Rule of Racing.)
  • Have good protection on your calves – you will notice the difference when you first race ride after the comfortable saddle and clothes that you wear for riding out!
  • Make sure that you leave the weighing room promptly when called to go into the paddock. Don’t be late!
  • Do not do overweight – but don’t make yourself feel ill by trying to do light – be sensible so that you feel fit and well and can ride to the best of your ability. Carrying overweight looks amateurish so please try to avoid it.

Trade discounts to AJA members:

  • Racing and Hunting Saddlers are giving 10% discount to all AJA members,, email
  • BUZZ (ladies outfitters) at Kirkgate, Middleham, North Yorkshire: 5% discount.
  • GIBSON SADDLERS at Sales Paddock Lane, Newmarket: up to 10% discount.
  • MANGAN AND WEBB SADDLERS, Digbeth Street, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire.  GL54 1BN  Tel: 01451 831245 e:
  • NAGS HEAD INN (Edward Boynton) at Pickhill near Thirsk has kindly offered AJA members a 10% discount on accommodation and food at his country pub. Tel: 01845 567391 for reservations.
  • SECONDHOOF SADDLERY (riding clothing and horse products) Station House, Challow Station, Faringdon, Oxon. SN7 8NT Tel/Fax: 01367 710797 e-mail: 10% discount on rider clothing; 5% discount on horse clothing and leatherwork.
  • GEORGE SMITH HORSEBOXES (horsebox hire) Tel: 01980 620158 Website: 10% discount on horsebox repairs and hire (subject to availability).
  • JM SPORTSCARE Tel: 01484 687136 e-mail: 30% discount on equine/sports injury products.
  • TREEHOUSE SPORTING COLOURS, The Treehouse, New Farm, Rushock, Droitwich, Worcestershire.  WR9 0NR Tel: 01299 851625  10% discount with discount code AJA can be used over the phone or online.
  • WEATHERBYS INSURANCE SERVICES (Insurance), Weatherbys Group Ltd, Sanders Road, Wellingborough, Northants. NN8 4BX Tel: 01933 440077 e-mail: 10% discount, subject to terms and conditions.
  • BERNARD WEATHERILL LTD (Tailors) Tel: 020 7734 6905 e-mail: Website: : 10% discount on bespoke clothing.
  • WHITE ROSE SADDLERY LIMITED, Heathcote House, 64 Welham Road, Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire.  YO17 9DS Tel: 01653 697440/07850 329632 e-mail:  10% discount.
  • E J WICKS (saddlers) at Lambourn: 5% discount.  When ordering on-line please add one-time password SPECIAL5 at checkout.  Please note this can only be used once per customer.
  • WOODLAND ENTERPRISES (country and racing gear), Northfields Farm Ind Estate, Wantage Road, Gt Shefford, Berks. 10% discount.