Concussion Protocol


ATTENTION ALL AMATEUR RIDERS! BOTH CATEGORY A AND B! All riders MUST have a Baseline Neuropsychological Test annually. The Jockey Club Protocol applies regardless of where the concussion takes place, whether on a racecourse, in a point-to-point, on the gallops, in a car crash, or wherever. Following a concussion, riders cannot return to racing until cleared by the Jockey Club Medical Department.This is the course of action required following a concussion:1 Wait until you have fully recovered and are symptom free;2 Contact Jockey Club Medical Department on 020-486-4921;3 Indicate when you would like to start race riding again;4 The Jockey Club Medical Department will make an appointment for you to attend one of the Regional Centres to undertake (a) a repeat neuropsychological assessment and (b) a consultation with a consultant physician;5 Following the appointment, call the Jockey Club Medical Department to find out if you have been cleared to return to race riding.PLEASE NOTE! ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN CLEARANCE BY THE JOCKEY CLUB MEDICAL DEPARTMENT CAN YOU THEN RETURN TO RACE RIDING (POINT-TO-POINT OR UNDER RULES)For riders who hold a point-to-point permit only (ie do not have an Amateur A or B Licence) different rules apply:Baseline testing is not required.Action following a concussion:1 Wait until you have fully recovered and are symptom free;2 After a minimum of 6 clear days, report to a point-to-point doctor prior to racing and undergo a medical review to determine if you can return to riding;3 Ensure that the Medical Record Book is completed accurately.Any queries, please contact either the Jockey Club Medical Department on 020-486-4921 or Sarah Oliver on 01886-884488 or Sandy Murphy on 01484-666507.

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