Mobile phones can be used without restrictions up to half an hour before the first race. It will then be the responsibility of riders engaged to ride that day to turn off their phones at the appropriate time. A reminder in the form of a “phones off” announcement will usually be made over the internal PA system.Once the restrictions are in place, phones MAY ONLY be used in the designated area known as the “phone zone”.Riders may check their phones for messages in the designated area, including incoming text messages. They may also make outgoing calls from the designated area, but outgoing text messages are prohibited.The Weighing Room Security Officer (WRSO) will check professional jockeys’ phones from time to time to ensure the number being used matches the number on their register.Amateur riders must fill out details of every call made during the restricted period in a log book provided by the WRSO.If a jockey has personal concerns and it is important that they are instantly contactable (eg family illness) then the WRSO can authorise that the jockey’s personal mobile remains switched on. Procedures are also in place for when a jockey has been injured following a fall.If a trainer is not on-course and needs to speak directly to the rider of his horse, he can ring his representative who is allowed to pass the phone to the rider who will take the call in the “phone zone”. This can only be done in the weighing room area.The recommended penalty for not abiding by the mobile phones restriction is £250.The Jockey Club will request at random the phone records of individual riders. In order to comply with the request, riders will need to be able to provide itemised bills of their phone activity during the relevant restricted periods.IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES, PLEASE ASK THE WRSO.

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