Anglo/Irish Ladies Hurdle lines up for Limerick on Sunday – weather allowing!


The annual Anglo/Irish ladies hurdle challenge is eagerly awaited and planned to take place in Limerick on Sunday 8th November.  No inspection has been announced but flooding is already causing problems in the area.

This year’s GB team is made up of:  

Isabel Tompsett, a vet from South Wales with 12 winners under Rules and 49 point-to-point winners (currently leading this season’s NH ladies jump table with 7 winners already this season); 

Gina Andrews, who works in a point-to-point yard and hunts regularly, and has 20 point-to-point wins and 12 wins under Rules (2nd in this season’s NH ladies table with 3 winners already); 

Lucy Jones, an accountant who has ridden 3 NH and 16 p-t-p winners and was Ladies National Novice Point-to-Point Champion 2008; 

Clare Wills, who has worked for Brendan Powell for 9 years and has had 6 point-to-point wins and 1 under Rules; 

Jenny Carr, who has had 2 NH wins under Rules and  16 point-to-point wins and been Area Point-to-Point Champion and last but certainly not least, 

Kelly Bryson from Scotland who has had 2 NH wins and 40 point-to-point winners.

The girls face an Irish team of 6 but the biggest danger that we all face is the weather which could put the meeting in jeopardy.

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