• As from 1 October no horse will be permitted to carry more than 4lbs overweight.
  • Any Jockey that exceeds the 4lb threshold, by any amount, up to 15 minutes before the race will be replaced.
  • The replacement Jockey will be of similar status i.e Claimer for Claimer.
  • Late Jockey changes, through overweight, will not carry any penalties.
  • Statistics show that in the main the new rule is more likely to affect Amateurs, Apprentices and Conditionals.

42. Weighing out

42.1 This Rule applies to a Rider when weighing out.42.2 The Rider must present to the Clerk of the Scales

42.2.1 his body protector, and42.2.2 any blinkers, hood, visor, eyeshield, eyecover or number cloth which he is to carry in the race but which are excluded from the scale (by virtue of Paragraphs 42.4.6 to 42.4.10 and 42.4.17).

42.3 Where a Rider

42.3.1 intends to carry over-weight, he must declare the amount, and42.3.2 is in doubt as to his proper weight, he may declare the weight he intends to carry.

42.4 The Rider must put into the scale and include in his weight everything that the horse is to carry in the race, apart from

42.4.1 skull cap,42.4.2 whip,42.4.3 bridle,42.4.4 rings,42.4.5 plates,42.4.6 blinkers,42.4.7 hood,42.4.8 visor,42.4.9 eyeshield,42.4.10 eyecover,42.4.11 anything worn on the horse’s legs,42.4.12 breast plate,42.4.13 breast girth,42.4.14 martingale,42.4.15 muzzle,42.4.16 neck strap,42.4.17 number cloth,42.4.18 sheepskin cheek pieces, and42.4.19 tongue strap.

42.5 Subject to Rule (F)143, no Rider may weigh out if he will be carrying 4lbs or more overweight.



Guide to the Application of the Rules relating to Maximum Weights and the Replacement of Riders due to Overweight

Maximum weights – 12st Flat (Rule (F)29.10) & 13st Jumping (Rule (F)41.7)

The claim of the rider must be ignored. e.g. Racecard weight 12st 2lbs even with a rider claiming 7lbs is still considered to be 12st 2lbs so cannot run.  Scenarios are unlikely to occur Flat or Jumping.      


4lbs or more overweight

No rider may weigh out if he will be carrying 4lbs or more overweight (Rule (D)42.5). 

A rider or trainer cannot choose not to claim the riders allowance at scale (Rule (F)143.8). 

The claim must be taken into account when calculating the overweight e.g. Racecard weight 10st, rider claims 7lbs but is on the Scales at 9st 11lbs or more therefore cannot ride.  


Replacement of riders who would weigh out at 4lbs or more overweight (Rule (B)25.7)

A claiming rider must be replaced by any claiming rider regardless of licence e.g. on the Flat a 7lbs claiming Apprentice may be replaced by Gary Bartley who holds a full licence but claims 3lbs. 

A 3lbs claiming Amateur in an open professional race may be replaced by any claiming rider, Amateur or Professional/Conditional, regardless of how much the replacement claims (3 – 10lbs potentially). 

A claiming Conditional may be replaced by a claiming Amateur e.g. a 10lbs claimer riding for his own yard could be replaced by say Mr O Greenall claiming 3lbs. i.e. any claiming jockey must be replaced by any other jockey who claims an allowance irrespective of licence category, amateur or professional. 

A rider with no claim must be replaced by a rider with no claim e.g. L Dettori could be replaced by L Vickers, AP McCoy could potentially be replaced by an Amateur who does not claim.

Riders in races confined to Conditionals, Apprentices or Amateurs can be replaced by any other qualified rider regardless of any allowance the rider might claim in the race e.g. in an Apprentice race a rider who has not ridden a winner and claims an allowance under the conditions of the race may be replaced by another qualified Apprentice who does not claim an allowance under the conditions of the race.  

There is NO distinction between Rhys Flint who holds a Conditional Licence and no longer claims and AP McCoy. A Rider who holds a Conditional Licence and no longer claims an allowance could replace AP McCoy.  

There is NO distinction between a non claiming Category B Amateur and AP McCoy. E.g. Mr Non Claiming Amateur would put up 4lbs or more in a valuable handicap chase and could be replaced by AP McCoy (and vice versa). 

In the same race the amateur Mr Bloggs claiming 7lbs could be replaced by top conditional P Toole, claiming 3lbs (and vice versa).  

NB If the trainer is unable to find a rider of a similar level regarding the claiming of an allowance or he is unwilling to substitute another rider the trainer must withdraw the horse but the non-runner penalty should not be imposed.  Brief details should be entered on the Non-Runner Return

Replacement of riders between 1lbs and 3lbs overweight (Rule (B)25.3.8)

If a rider is due to carry 1lb to 3lb overweight the trainer may substitute the rider with any available rider regardless of type of licence or claim.  The request should be handled in the same way as any other substitution under Rule (B)25.3 

Replacements for other reasons under Rule (B)25.3

Any rider may be replaced under the conditions of (B)25.3 e.g. hasn’t arrived in time, red entry etc by any available rider regardless of licence or claim.

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