A reminder about weight claims


Please remember to contact Licensing if you should ride a winner abroad, including Ireland, so that your tally of wins is kept up to date at both the BHA and Weatherbys.  This is absolutely vital to make sure that you claim the right allowance.  Individual race conditions should always be checked as they can differ from the usual Rules which state:


Amateur v amateur races including Hunterchases:

Claim 7 lbs up to 5 wins

Claim 5 lbs up to 10 wins

Claim 3 lbs up to 20 wins


Amateur v professionals:

Claim 7 lbs up to 20 wins

Claim 5 lbs up to 40 wins

Claim 3 lbs up to 75 wins


All amateur jockeys will have a received a letter with their riding permit confirming the number of wins recorded at the BHA and asking you to contact Licensing if your records are incorrect.  Licensing can be contacted via the BHA switchboard on 0207 152 0000.


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