Need a new skullcap? Replacing a body protector? Buying a whip? Then read on!


Please will all jockeys note that as from the new date of 1ST APRIL 2015 a revised BHA specification for skull caps, safety vests and whips will come into force:

Rider Manual (D)


Schedule 2 – Equipment


Skull caps and safety vests

Design of skull cap

1. A skull cap is approved by the Authority if it meets (BS) EN 1384: 2012, CSN EN 14572: 2005, BS EN 14572: 2005, PAS 015: 2011 or CSN EN 1384: 2012.

2. The skull cap must not have a chin cup, cradle or draw lace.

3. The chin strap must pass under the jaw and be attached to the harness by a quick release buckle.

4. The skull cap must not have metal hooks.

Fitting of skull cap

5.1 The skull cap must be of the correct size for the Rider and must be correctly fitted and fastened.
5.2 The face harness must be correctly adjusted and the chin strap fastened at all times when the Rider is mounted on a horse.

Design of safety vests

6. A safety vest must conform to (BS) EN 13158: 2009 or CSN EN 13158: 2009.

7. A safety vest must not be

7.1 modified in any way, or
7.2 attached to the horse or any equipment carried by the horse.



8. As regards a whip carried in a flat race

8.1 the maximum length (including flap) is 70 centimetres, and
8.2 there must be no binding within 17 centimetres of the end of the flap.

9. As regards a whip carried in a steeple chase or hurdle race

9.1 the maximum length (including flap) is 68 centimetres, and
9.2 there must be no binding within 23 centimetres of the end of the flap.

10. The minimum diameter for a whip is 1 centimetre.
11. The overall weight must not exceed 160 grams.
12. The contact area of the shaft must be smooth, with no protrusion or raised surface, and covered by shock absorbing material throughout its circumference such that it gives a compression factor of at least 6 millimetres.

13.1 The only additional feature that may be attached to a whip is a flap.
13.2 If a flap is attached, it must comply with the following requirements

13.2.1 the maximum length of the flap from the end of the shaft is 10 centimetres;
13.2.2 the maximum width of the flap is 4 centimetres, with a minimum width of 2 centimetres;
13.2.3 the flap from the end of the shaft must not contain any reinforcements or additions;
13.2.4 the flap must have similar shock absorbing characteristics to that of the contact area.
  • Comes into effect: 01-10-2014

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