Update on Standard for Jockey Skull Caps


The EU Commission withdrew EN 1384 as an acceptable Standard at the end of 2014. Being well aware that the BHA recently insisted that every jockey must update Skull Caps, they have agreed that for the purpose of on-going compliance with the requirements of Rule Schedule (D)2, the existing (BS or CSN) EN 1384:2012 Standard will remain an acceptable Standard until 31st December 2016. Please therefore note the amended Schedule:

Schedule (D)2 – Equipment
Skull caps and safety vests
Design of skull cap
1. A skull cap is approved by the Authority if it meets (BS) EN 1384: 2012*, PAS 015: 2011 or (CSN) EN 1384: 2012*.
2. The skull cap must not have a chin cup, cradle or draw lace.
3. The chin strap must pass under the jaw and be attached to the harness by a quick release buckle.
4. The skull cap must not have metal hooks.
* (BS) EN 1384: 2912 and (CSN) EN 1384: 2012 will be removed as acceptable standards on and after 1 January 2017.

Fitting of skull cap
5.1 The skull cap must be of the correct size for the Rider and must be correctly fitted and fastened.
5.2 The face harness must be correctly adjusted and the chin strap fastened at all times when the Rider is mounted on a horse.
Design of safety vests
6. A safety vest must conform to (BS) EN 13158: 2000 (level 1 only)*, (BS) EN 13158: 2009 or (CSN) EN 13158: 2009.
7. A safety vest must not be
7.1 modified in any way, or
7.2 attached to the horse or any equipment carried by the horse.
*see ‘Forthcoming Rule Changes’ on 3 November 2014 for further change effective from 1 April 2015.

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