Body protectors – Jockeys must provide evidence if awaiting delivery of new vest to avoid fine


Body protector BHA Rules update in acknowledgement of depleted stocks at retail outlets:

In acknowledging the difficulty manufacturers are having in meeting the high volume of demand for Safety Vests meeting the 2009 Standard, required by the change to Schedule (D)2 effective from 1 April 2015, for the first month of the new Safety Vest requirements it has been agreed that those jockeys who are not in possession of a 2009 Standard Vest will be allowed to weigh out and ride in their old 2000 Standard Vest.

Jockeys who weigh out without a 2009 Standard Vest will still be reported to the Stewards and an enquiry held but where the jockey is able to demonstrate to the Stewards’ satisfaction that the reason for the non-compliance was because of circumstances beyond their reasonable control i.e an order placed in good time but still awaiting delivery, no fine will be imposed and the jockey given permission to continue using their 2000 Standard Vest up to and until 30 April 2015.

Those jockeys without a satisfactory explanation will be given the same period during which they will be allowed to continue wearing their 2000 Standard but will be fined £290 (Band C).

On and after 1 May 2015 all jockeys will be required to weigh out and ride in the 2009 Standard and anybody without the correct Standard will not be allowed to ride.

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