All jockeys with agents to discuss horse footwear!


The BHA is currently working with Weatherbys to develop the Declaration process to include a section requiring the Trainer to confirm when declaring to run whether the horse will be fully shod, without hind shoes or unshod.  This may take until the end of 2015 before reaching completion.

All jockeys’ agents are being asked to take instruction from their jockeys as to whether they will accept bookings on their behalf if a horse will wear only front shoes or will be unshod in the race in which they are due to run.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, should the jockey refuse to ride because they consider they had been provided with inaccurate information by the trainer at the time of being booked, an enquiry will be held by the Stewards to establish the facts.  To assist the BHA in considering the matter, it is likely that the Stipendiary Stewards will contact you to confirm what information was provided to you by the trainer.  The BHA therefore strongly advise that you keep a record of the details provided to you by trainers.


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