Lost Medical Record Book? Injured? Read on!


If you turn up at the races to ride with no Medical Record Book because you have either lost, mislaid or forgotten it, you MUST contact the Medical Adviser’s Office at the BHA IMMEDIATELY you discover that you do not have your MRB.
You can only ride if the BHA can be satisfied that you were not injured from your last ride with a phone call from the RMO on duty to the BHA and the return of the Attestation form completed by the RMO at the course.
Also a reminder that under Rules you MUST declare ANY injury sustained at the yard, at home, on the gallops, etc. This is a condition of your amateur licence and you will receive a letter from the BHA’s Disciplinary Department if you have omitted to declare an injury.
As always, the BHA Medical Department will do all that they can to help you back to racing in a timely manner following an injury, thereby ensuring you are safe to return.
If you have any queries on the above, please contact Helen Pavitt, Senior Medical Administrator in the Chief Medical Adviser’s Office at the BHA on 0207 152 0138 or you can e-mail Helen at

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