Conditional Course upcoming at BRS end June


Are you an amateur Cat B licensed jockey looking to turn professional in the near future? Then read on!!
The British Racing School has kindly programmed an additional Conditional Jockey Course from 25 to 29 June.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a Course purely for Category B Amateurs converting to Conditional only. This course is NOT for brand new applicants or Category A Amateurs wanting to become Conditionals.
The Course is a last minute addition to this year’s programme and there will not be another Conditional Course until mid-August after this.
If there is anyone wanting to ride as a Conditional over the summer who currently holds a Category B Permit, they need to act fast and get their applications in to the BHA as soon as possible.
DO NOT FORGET!!: Current BHA Rules state that any conditional/apprentice jockey who wants to revert to amateur status can only do so whilst aged 25 or under and with no more than 25 wins as a professional!
Any queries please contact Max Milward, Licensing Assistant at the BHA on 0207 152 0145.

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