Ex-conditional jockeys age cap of 26 lifted by BHA for point to points


After lengthy negotiation back in 2010 the BHA kindly agreed to raise the cap of winning rides for ex-conditionals/apprentices reverting to amateur status from 10 to 25 and also remove the 48 month time limit that was then in place.

At that time we automatically assumed that the age restriction would also be lifted, but unfortunately it has taken another 8 years of continual request to see this progress somewhat in that ex-conditionals/apprentices can (as of today) now ride in point-to-points even after retiring as a professional after the age of 25.

Our struggle continues as we request that this same Rule (that has always existed in Ireland where there is no age limit) should also apply under Rules to include Hunter Chases as well as both amateur and NH professional races.

We would welcome hearing from any ex-conditional/apprentice jockey who would benefit from a lifting of the current age restriction of 26 who has not exceeded 25 professional wins.

Please get in touch with Sarah Oliver if this is you at e-mail: or text 07789 935399.

Many thanks.

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