Month: July 2021

Jockey Medical Record Books


Will all amateur jockeys please note that the BHA have amended Rule (E) 16 to . An Amateur Jockey must present their Medical Record Book if requested by a Racecourse Medical Officer or an Official .  This amendment came into force on 1st February 2021. 

To amend the requirement so that Amateur Jockeys are only required to present their MRB if they sustain an injury or otherwise need to see a medical officer on a racecourse (Annex A).

Since the resumption of racing on 1st June the BHA have waived Rule (E)16 so Amateur Jockeys are not currently required to present their MRB. This was designed to limit congestion in the weighing room and documentation requiring checking and signing during the current Covid-19 situation. 

All professional and amateur jockeys as well as RQC holders are on the BHA’s electronic medical record (EMR) system called Smartabase. All injuries and illnesses are documented on Smartabase and as a result the MRB is now obsolete for licensed racecourses. 

Smartabase has not been introduced to the Point to Point field as yet and therefore MRBs are still required for all RQC holders.

Any time an amateur rider who also holds a RQC sees a RMO on the racecourse they must present their MRB so there is a record of that injury/illness for when they next ride at a Point to Point meeting.   

Any queries please contact Kerry Kuznik, Medical Assistant and Jockey Athlete Research Co-ordinator at the BHA on 0207 152 0111 or e-mail Kerry at

Concussion Centres Update


Please find attached the BHA’s updated list of Concussion Centres available to all jockeys.