Month: March 2022

Amateur Licence Renewals


Following the long lay-off of amateur racing due to Covid19 in 2020 through to 2021, Monday 29th March 2021 saw the resumption of grassroot sports and the return of amateur racing was welcomed from that date.

As a consequence, a large number of amateur riders renewed their licences at that time, with those same licences now due to expire.

The BHA’s Licensing Department ask for a minimum of two weeks under the Rules of Racing to consider a renewal application. Out of courtesy, all jockeys are e-mailed by the BHA with a reminder at least four weeks before renewal is due, although it is the jockey’s absolute responsibility to be aware of when their licence expires and to submit a renewal within a reasonable timeframe. (With the use of technology, it would seem obvious to set reminders in mobile phones to avoid any oversight.)

In addition to the administrative work required by Licensing, the BHA Medical Team are also required to clear jockeys’ licences, and with some recent staff changes within that department it is essential that the two-week timeframe is respected.

Jockeys who forget to renew within the required timeframe are asked to take on board their responsibility to apply in future in good time for a renewal, and are respectfully advised that e-mails and phone calls to BHA Licensing only hinder the process whilst time is taken up in responding rather than actually being able to work through processing applications.

Please be assured that the BHA will do all that they can to process all applications as fast as possible. Thank you.

Amateur Jockeys Association announces GREATWOOD Charity Race


The Amateur Jockeys Association is delighted to announce that a charity race in support of Greatwood will take place at Newbury Racecourse on Thursday 9th June.

The race is to be run over ten furlongs and will feature 12 experienced riders from a diverse demographic.  Applications for entries are now open with each rider expected to raise a minimum sponsorship of £2,500.

For an application form and race conditions, please e-mail

Greatwood was the first charity to use former racehorses to educate disadvantaged children and young adults with Special Educational Needs.  For anyone who wishes to support the charity, please e-mail

For more information on Greatwood please go to

Applications close Friday 18 March