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IJF Acute Injury Clinics available to all amateur jockeys!


A reminder to ensure that all amateur jockeys are aware that ACUTE INJURY CLINICS are available to all licensed jockeys who have sustained an acute race-riding related injury (from a fall or kick etc).

Jockeys can literally turn up and be seen by a physiotherapist without making a prior appointment at the following times:

Oaksey House: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10-11 am

Jack Berry House: Mondays between 10 am and 11:30 am

Ex-conditional jockeys age cap of 26 lifted by BHA for point to points


After lengthy negotiation back in 2010 the BHA kindly agreed to raise the cap of winning rides for ex-conditionals/apprentices reverting to amateur status from 10 to 25 and also remove the 48 month time limit that was then in place.

At that time we automatically assumed that the age restriction would also be lifted, but unfortunately it has taken another 8 years of continual request to see this progress somewhat in that ex-conditionals/apprentices can (as of today) now ride in point-to-points even after retiring as a professional after the age of 25.

Our struggle continues as we request that this same Rule (that has always existed in Ireland where there is no age limit) should also apply under Rules to include Hunter Chases as well as both amateur and NH professional races.

We would welcome hearing from any ex-conditional/apprentice jockey who would benefit from a lifting of the current age restriction of 26 who has not exceeded 25 professional wins.

Please get in touch with Sarah Oliver if this is you at e-mail: or text 07789 935399.

Many thanks.

Calendar update: Important: All amateur jockeys!


Calendar update: Important: All amateur jockeys!
Please note that Nottingham will this year kindly host both final races of the season for our gentlemen and our lady riders.
Therefore we have changes to races planned as follows:
31st October: Gentlemen riders only: final race of season
7th November: Lady riders only: final race of season
Good luck all!

Gents All-Weather race counts towards Flat Championship


Every winner is so special to all connections, not least the jockey, and every effort is therefore made to include every win within a championship.
Consequently Carol Bartley‘s win in 2017’s Silk Series on the A/W at Newcastle counted towards the ladies amateur turf championship and similarly this year’s win by Ella Mccain at Wolverhampton is included.
Using the same logic, with our amateur All-Weather Championship involving both sexes riding except for a single race – the gentlemen’s race at Wolverhampton on 9th May – the winning ride here by James Harding aboard HEWOULDWOULDNTHE for Jonathan Portman will count towards the gentlemen’s flat championship.
Any race which have special conditions, such as invitation races or novice riders’ races (barring anyone with more than 3 wins from participating) cannot be counted towards any championship when they are not open for all to take part.

Betfair Series date changes: Novice Riders please note


18th July: Catterick Bridge
25th July: Leicester
1st August: Redcar
14th August: Thirsk
17th August: Nottingham
27th August: Ripon
6th September: Carlisle
8th October: Royal Windsor
Attention all novice amateur riders: Important update:
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, the following race at ROYAL WINDSOR has been re-scheduled within the Racing Calendar:
 SUNDAY 12TH AUGUST: ROYAL WINDSOR: now a mixed amateur riders race;
BETFAIR novice riders’ date = 8TH OCTOBER which will be the final in this year’s series.
  • More BETFAIR updates and good news for NOVICE RIDERS:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Betfair race originally planned for CARLISLE on 30th August will now remain a novice riders race but not carry Betfair sponsorship. The same race conditions remain and a Jockey Coach will be in attendance but this race will not count towards the Betfair Series.
The CARLISLE leg of the Betfair Series, the penultimate race in the series, will now take place on Thursday 6th September before the finale at Royal Windsor on Monday 8th October.
We are most grateful to Carlisle Racecourse (and all other Betfair supporting racecourses) for all of their help and support.
Carlisle are now giving us not only a gentlemen’s (an additional fixture) and a ladies race this month, but also two novice riders races. Many thanks to Carlisle Racecourse’s Executive.
The Betfair 8 Race Novice Riders Series now looks like this:
18th July: Catterick Bridge
25th July: Leicester
1st August: Redcar
14th August: Thirsk
17th August: Nottingham
27th August: Ripon
6th September: Carlisle
8th October: Royal Windsor



Following a period of consultation with industry stakeholders, the BHA Board has approved changes to the Rules of Racing regarding safety vests which come into force from 1st October 2018:

  • Level 1 safety vests to be replaced by Level 2 safety vests EN 13158:2009 or 2018
  • Weight allowance: an extra 1 lb in addition to the current 2 lbs making a total of 3 lbs allowance for the vest

The amended rules are as follows:

 For implementation from October 1st 2018 

Schedule (D)2 – Equipment PART 1 

Design of safety vests 

6. A safety vest is approved by the Authority if it meets (BS) EN 13158: 2009 or 2018. 

7. The minimum acceptable standard for a safety vest is Level 2 

8. A safety vest must not be 

8.1 modified in any way, or 

8.2 attached to the horse or any equipment carried by the horse. 

Rule (B)22 – Weighing out procedure 

22.6 The Clerk of the Scales will not allow a Rider to be weighed out for any race unless he is wearing a safety vest which conforms to a standard approved by the Authority (see Rule (D)36 (safety vests, skull caps and saddles)). 

22.7 Rule (D)42 (weighing out) specifies requirements applying to a Rider on weighing out, including the items he must include in the scale. 

22.8 Overweight will be rounded down to the nearest 1lb unit. 

22.9 Subject to Paragraph 22.10, to compensate for being required to wear a safety vest, the weight of a Rider on weighing out will automatically be allowed at 3lbs less than the weight that is registered on the scale (factored into the calibration of the Weighing Room scales). 

22.10 During the months of December, January and February, to compensate for wearing a safety vest and extra clothing, the weight of the Rider on weighing out for a flat race will automatically be allowed at 4lbs less than the weight that is registered on the scale (factored into the calibration of the Weighing Room scales).

Conditional Course upcoming at BRS end June


Are you an amateur Cat B licensed jockey looking to turn professional in the near future? Then read on!!
The British Racing School has kindly programmed an additional Conditional Jockey Course from 25 to 29 June.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a Course purely for Category B Amateurs converting to Conditional only. This course is NOT for brand new applicants or Category A Amateurs wanting to become Conditionals.
The Course is a last minute addition to this year’s programme and there will not be another Conditional Course until mid-August after this.
If there is anyone wanting to ride as a Conditional over the summer who currently holds a Category B Permit, they need to act fast and get their applications in to the BHA as soon as possible.
DO NOT FORGET!!: Current BHA Rules state that any conditional/apprentice jockey who wants to revert to amateur status can only do so whilst aged 25 or under and with no more than 25 wins as a professional!
Any queries please contact Max Milward, Licensing Assistant at the BHA on 0207 152 0145.

Course walk on offer for all amateur jockeys prior to Cheltenham rides


By kind arrangement with Cheltenham Racecourse the following has been arranged for any Amateur Jockey riding at Cheltenham Festival:

Former jockey and BHA Coach Carl Llewellyn will be offering a Course Walk at the Cheltenham Festival prior to racing each day.  The initiative mirrors that of the previously established course walks at Aintree.  The majority of amateurs riding at Cheltenham are invariably experienced and many are previous course winners but those jockeys with inexperience of Cheltenham are encouraged to try and attend the walk.

Please meet Carl in the Weighing Room from 11:30 am.

Good luck to all amateur jockeys riding at Cheltenham!

Amateur jockey name details in racecards


The AJA have always included all amateur jockeys’ Christian names when publishing tables to make all amateur jockeys more “user-friendly” to the racing public and to help raise all amateurs’ profiles.

After much discussion it has at last been agreed with the BHA that this can apply to all amateur jockeys when names appear in the press and on racecards but this is subject to each individual amateur jockey’s wishes.

From 1st March 2018 all amateur jockeys’ names will be made up of a title, forename (in full) and surname as opposed to the current system whereby most jockeys are known only by title, initial and surname.  If you would prefer a different style from this, please respond via e-mail to by no later than Monday 12th February.

If you are happy with the proposed new racing style, you do not need to do anything and you will be notified when the changes have been made.

Reminder: AJA AGM Tuesday 6th February @ Welcombe Stratford


Diary reminder: AJA AGM (originally planned for Monday 4th December) takes place on Tuesday 6th February to maximise attendances.

The AGM will take place in The Oak Room, The Welcombe Hotel, Warwick Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 0NR at 12 noon and all AJA members are welcome.

ALL AJA members are welcome but please e-mail if you plan to attend in order for catering to be booked.