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With a fantastic Fegentri season for Great Britain’s representative David Turner having only 2 races left this weekend at Baden-Baden in Germany, he has already won the Fegentri Flat Championship for 2007.  Just 14 points separate him from the overall Championship with Ireland’s Jason McKeown leading the Jump Championship, and with poor Jason nursing a broken leg, the pressure is on for David!  He has one ride on the Flat and the other over fences in Germany.  Simon Walker is also riding there on the Flat, fresh from his win on Tuesday in Newcastle.

Meanwhile in the USA, Great Britain is represented in the two remaining Fegentri World Cup of Nations races this weekend by Scott Dobson and our lady representative, Marie King.  Marie is currently placed 5th in the Ladies Championship and has been invited to take part in the ladies final races which take place in Mauritius in December.

Good luck to all our riders!



There are a couple of spare places remaining for Sunday 28th October’s charity race at Wincanton in aid of SPINAL INJURIES on their Countryside Day.  If you are an amateur rider and would like to gain racecourse experience without the hindrance of starting stalls or tapes (its a flag start) and also without hurdles or fences, then now is your chance!  It is all for a great cause with all sponsorship money going to SIA.  At this late stage, we would be grateful for you simply to try to raise as much sponsorship as possible  in such a short time.  This is a great opportunity not only for you to gain racecourse experience but also perhaps to sweeten up a sour horse, give a youngster some experience or simply give something a pipe opener!  If you are interested, please contact Sarah Oliver by e-mail on or call 01886 884488 or text 07789 935399.  Many thanks.



The brainchild of Christine Gohier, mother of English based amateur Jeremy Mahot and an active committee member of the racecourse committee at Nuilly–sur-Vicoin near Laval, 4 English amateurs enjoyed an unforgettable weekend’s racing on 14th and 15th October.

Polly Gundry made history on Saturday 14th October by becoming the first lady rider ever to complete the course in its 61st year!  On Sunday the remaining GB team members (Claire Allen, Dickie Barrett and Alex Merriam) completed the tricky 2 mile 3 furlong figure of 8 cross country course which includes a drop fence into a four foot river where many horses and riders come unstuck, before galloping up and around a mountainside and returning through the water.

In spite of both Dickie and Alex getting a soaking during their practice round, Alex went on to be placed 2nd and 4th with his 2 rides and Claire won for P Cottin on Narses in her first attempt.  A return exchange match is to be planned for the spring.  Congratulations to all of our riders for such a great display of horsemanship around this amazing course!



If you find yourself in trouble with the Stewards following a race riding incident and would like some expert advice from The Jockey Club, help is at hand. Please contact Ms Catherine Livingston at the Discipinary Department of the Jockey Club. Catherine’s number is 020 7343 3252 but YOU MUST MAKE CONTACT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR RIDING OFFENCE.



Amateur Riders are reminded that Permits to ride expire on 30th June 2004. They are also reminded that the Jockey Club Assessment of Concussion protocol requires them to have a baseline test carried out at a regional testing centre.

Details of the protocol and regional centres have been sent to all current riders and those who have not yet undergone a baseline test should arrange an appointment without further delay. Applications will not be considered unless the rider has undergone the baseline test.

Application forms for Permits are available from The Licensing Department, The Jockey Club Office, 42 Portman Square, London. W1H 6EN Tel: 020 7343 3237 Fax: 020 7935 8703 E-mail:

Category B Course July 2004


It has been agreed to combine the Conditional Licence and Amateur Category B Courses. The course is open to any rider wishing to take out a Category B permit subject to the existing pre-qualifying conditions and for potential Conditional Jockeys. Applications from Category B Amateurs are to be made direct to the Course Administrator at The Northern Racing College on 01302 861000. Trainers shoujld apply to John Smith at The Jockey Club, Licensing Department on 0207 486 4921 for a place for Conditional Jockeys.

Training for new Amateur Riders


A Training Seminar for new Amateur Riders wishing to ride under The Rules of Racing will be held at Cheltenham on Tuesday 29th June and costs £104.00 including lunch and refreshments.

Application forms to reserve places on this course are obtainable from the Course Administrator, The British Racing School, Snailwell Road, Newmarket, Suffolk. CB8 7NU Tel: 01638 665103 Fax: 01638 560929 E-mail:



May 2004



As you are all now aware, shock absorbing whips have been mandatory in jump racing since last October. Only those designs approved by the Jockey Club’s Whip Panel are permitted for use. The panel is comprised of representatives of the Jockey Club (Paul Barton), JAGB (Mick Fitzgerald) and the National Equine Welfare Council (David Muir of the RSPCA).

Last year the Panel met at Kempton to carry out checks and weigh all the whips in use that day. It became apparent that the majority of whips supplied by David Matthews were overweight and lacked the shock-absorbing characteristics of the design he had earlier submitted to the Whip Panel for approval. In March David Matthews appeared before the Disciplinary Panel. He was found to have brought racing into disrepute and fined as a result of his manufacturing whips and marking them with an approval number in the full knowledge that they were not of the same standard as his approved design.

As I said when I wrote to you in September last year, the revised design and the establishment of the Whip Panel represented a potential breakthrough for racing with regards to nullifying criticism of the use of the whip in racing. However, this has been put in jeopardy by the whips supplied to jockeys which do not meet the standard of those approved by the panel. Consequently, we have been given no option but to tighten up our checking procedures and to further clarify Instruction H8 which deals with the design of approved whips.

The amended Instruction came into effect at the start of the 2004-5 jumps season. It stipulates that:- the maximum weight for a whip is 160gms.- the shock absorbing material must have a compression factor of at least 6mm.- the contact area of the whip must be smooth with no protrusion or raised surface (such as stitching of lettering.

To ensure that the whips in use meet the specifications laid down in the Instruction, Clerks of Scales will periodically check on whips using a set of callipers (to test the compression) and a set of scales.

If, once the Instruction is up and running, your whip is checked and does not meet the required specifications, the Clerk of the Scales will notify you that you are not permitted to use that whip in a race. The Clerk of the Scales will also mark the whip in question so that it is easily identifiable. If a rider continues to use a whip which has failed the test he will be reported to the Stewards. I would point out that the Clerks of Scales will be policing this sensibly and with flexibility where appropriate.

We have had to take these steps to ensure that all jockeys are using approved whips and that nobody is gaining an unfair advantage by using something different. We acknowledge that with wear and tear the standard of some whips vary and the Clerks of Scales will also ask a rider to replace a whip if it has deteriorated to the extent that it no longer passes the test.

We recognise that there may be additional costs for those who bought whips in good faith from a manufacturer only to find out that the design was not consistent with that approved by the Jockey Club. We understand your frustration but the measures are, I’m afraid, necessary because the manufacturers have misled us and we need to ensure a level playing field for all concerned. If a whip you have paid for, with an approved mark, fails to meet the standards when tested on course we recommend that you take the matter up with the manufacturer.

Currently, the only approved manufacturer is Robert Patton (whips marked JCPA 01/a and 01/b). I have attached his supplier list and we have also sent it to the valets. We are also in correspondence with other potential manufacturers and will let you know either directly or through the JAGB should other whips be approved by the Panel.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Webbon
Director of Veterinary Science and Welfare

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Mobile phones can be used without restrictions up to half an hour before the first race. It will then be the responsibility of riders engaged to ride that day to turn off their phones at the appropriate time. A reminder in the form of a “phones off” announcement will usually be made over the internal PA system.Once the restrictions are in place, phones MAY ONLY be used in the designated area known as the “phone zone”.Riders may check their phones for messages in the designated area, including incoming text messages. They may also make outgoing calls from the designated area, but outgoing text messages are prohibited.The Weighing Room Security Officer (WRSO) will check professional jockeys’ phones from time to time to ensure the number being used matches the number on their register.Amateur riders must fill out details of every call made during the restricted period in a log book provided by the WRSO.If a jockey has personal concerns and it is important that they are instantly contactable (eg family illness) then the WRSO can authorise that the jockey’s personal mobile remains switched on. Procedures are also in place for when a jockey has been injured following a fall.If a trainer is not on-course and needs to speak directly to the rider of his horse, he can ring his representative who is allowed to pass the phone to the rider who will take the call in the “phone zone”. This can only be done in the weighing room area.The recommended penalty for not abiding by the mobile phones restriction is £250.The Jockey Club will request at random the phone records of individual riders. In order to comply with the request, riders will need to be able to provide itemised bills of their phone activity during the relevant restricted periods.IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES, PLEASE ASK THE WRSO.